Monday, November 19, 2012

Promoting your brand inexpensively

Promotion is a really important consideration for any brand. Getting your brand publicized and advertised well can have a lot of positive impacts such as increased brand recognition and recall, brand favourability, increase in sales etc. In today’s times, the audience has become really smart and it’s hard to please them. Traditional means of advertising aren’t generating sales as much as they used to once upon a time.
During present times, the marketing mix should be really strong for getting your brand across to the masses. People should understand what your brand stands for and what it has in store for them. This can be achieved by a creative marketing mix that could include the following:
·         Giving Corporate gifts: Corporate gifts include all those items that are given by a corporate firm to its clients. They generally include customized alarm clocks, photo frames, diaries, calendars etc. However, times have changed significantly and the above mentioned products don’t excite people anymore. You could try giving customized embroidered shirts with customized zipper pulls with your brand logo and golf umbrellas.
·         Brand visibility at trade shows: Your brand can a strong recognition at trade shows and exhibitions. All you need to do is get customized promotional lanyards that will carry the company brand name and logo. All the visitors will immediately identify your employees and your brand recognition will increase. Ultimately, all brands want their name to spread and gain recognition. When people go out to purchase, 90% of the times theybuy the brand which they can recall immediately.
·         Corporate social responsibility: Every corporate firm indulges in CSR to do their bit of goodwill for the society. Some firms sell products and donate all the proceedings to an NGO for some social cause. This way, they come in the eyes of the public and create a good image for themselves. By using fundraising products such as bracelets and slap bands that support some cause, you can collect funds. The collections can be donated for a good cause and you can get some press reporters to cover the story. It will serve as good publicity.
·         Use ambient advertising: Ambient advertising includes using unusual places as your promotional medium. Such places include bus stops installations, using the outer walls of a building, train seats etc. When people notice creatively done ads, they immediately develop a liking for the company. Even you could hire creative geniuses for executing some innovative ideas.
One of the best benefits of indulging in out of the box ads is that media covers such unusual things and as a result, you get free publicity in press as well as on television. Interestingly, these two mediums are the costliest! Imagine getting them for free!


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